Custom software

Custom software could be: a new web application, an API or modernizing and renewing legacy applications. We provide our software by using the latest Microsoft technologies such as C#, ,NETcore and MS SQL. With the use of DevOps we’re collaborating with our customers. You provide us with your input and feedback, we ensure the progression of your application or business process.

The first step is that we investigate what is already available in the market for your specific business issue. Together we discuss what is still needed and, above all, whether this outweighs the set goals. We only make what is not yet available on the market. We are happy to achieve the goal with you and even more preferably the result!

Product Owner

As a customer, you get a personal Product Owner who is by your side throughout the entire process. Together you come up with the User or Job Stories. The product Owner takes care of the translation to the development team. In this way, as a customer, you get an implementation of functionalities instead of techniques.

Are you as a customer not sure? Then your Product Owner will understand the business issue together with you. The result: optimal use of your processes, systems and applications. Our Product Owners do more than the theory prescribes. Here are some examples on the right:

Modernize legacy applications

Scalable solutions that are current for at least five years.

Simply put, we see legacy applications such as making ‘aged’ software suitable for now and the future.

It is usually not feasible for an organization to immediately replace the legacy application. The entire primary process often runs through this application. The impact of replacing this application at once has a major impact on the organization. Resulting in organizational and financial challenges.

Customers prefer to continue working in their current application and want to keep in touch with new technologies. We investigate how we can modernize this legacy application. This means that we get to work on the renovation while you as a customer can continue with what do best, running your business.

Vendor Lock-In free

Application development based on the most used and most modern resources from Microsoft and other market leaders

Free choice

We believe it is important that we work together to achieve the desired goals and results. As far as we are concerned, the collaboration is structural and endless. If, for whatever reason, this is not the case, we also think it is important that the responsibility can be transferred to a third party.

The applications we develop do not have a ConCode dependency. As a customer, you are free to choose a different business partner if this should be the case.