ConCode is a combination of two activities in which ConCode is specialized: Con- stands for consultancy and -Code stands for coding. With these two specializations we want to work together with you on “building the possibilities”.

To do so, we listen carefully and come up with a creative and personal approach. Everything we stand for is based on our business values.

Our values underlie our identity and we act on them. We propagate our values and we also apply them to our internal actions.

Loyal Creative Collaborate


Your relationship with ConCode is based on trust. As far as we’re concerned, this lasts until infinity. Your expectations must be realistic. That’s ConCode’s responsibility and we have to act according to your expectations.



We create methods or applications that fit within your business processes that enables you to grow. We’re working on tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and the years thereafter. We’re challenging our relationships and ourselves. What ways are there to make the journey from A to B?



ConCode offers the possibilities and the frameworks. The choice is always yours as a client. Everything we do, we do together. Everyone does what suits them best. Together, each of us bears a piece of the responsibility to achieve the results.