Our method

AIR Methodology



A method that provides a structure and can easily adapt in a changing situation and environment.



This is our own interpretation of the existing rules. You receive an estimation up front and we deliver your solution in three-weekly sprints.



Every sprint completion will be presented in person to you accompanied with a clear Power BI Report. We ensure that you’re always up to date and we’ll be achieving our results together.

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A co-makership is a form of cooperation in which both involved parties invest. You as a client and ConCode as your partner. With the ConCode co-makership, tailor made software is available for a larger group of organizations. The co-makership is provided to you with the following certainties:

  • Lower initial investment
  • Long term commitment
  • Developing together

Co-makership Whitepaper

Would you like to receive the whitepaper in which the ConCode co-makership is further explained?

Let us know on the right to where we may send our whitepaper.